My SoulTribe created a custom installation of 108 pieces of heart art for Hearth & Crust Restaurant located in Chicago, Illinois.

For those of you yearning for the nitty gritty details of our lives, our resumes, or a little amusement — just reach out.

My SoulTribe was sprouted by two friends, Malia Rae and Liz Meitus.

It began a few years ago as a quest, sparked by the concept: “What you look for in life you find.”  We embarked on a mission to heal our own lives and find an inner place of peace in this chaotic world, a journey unfolding that has led us to conclude that even in the face of adversity, heartbreak, and despair, we can choose Love.
As we searched, it became resoundingly clear that everywhere you turn (if you have belief and an open heart) Love. Truly. Is. All around.

My SoulTribe creates Art that Ignites the Soul.

Join the movement... Heart Forward.